Erftstadt-Wappen Jelenia-Gorá-Wappen

About Jelenia Góra

Jelenia Góra, formerly called Hirschberg, with a population of about 85,000, is located 160 Km east of the German city of Dresden. It lies in a valley at the confluence of the Kamienna (German: Zacken) and Bóbr (German: Bober) rivers. The valley is bounded to the south by the Karkonosze Mountains (German: Riesengebirge),

Jelenia Góra

whose highest peak, the Śniezka ("Snow White" in English), measures 1603 meters. To the north, the valley is bounded by the Kačavské Mountains (German: Bober-Katzbachgebirge) with the town of Jężow Sudecki (German: Grunau) that is famous among aviators as one of the birthplaces of glider sports.

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